Corporate Information

President Message

Regardless all ages and countries, humankind has been developed several kinds of packaging technology so far, with putting out the wisdom for using liquid in order to live over a long term. These were executed for the purpose of easy transportation and storage in our life. Especially, after the 20th Century new packages were developed by several inventors using new materials such as paper, plastic and achieved big progress.

We started the operation at Sanjo-city Niigata located middle area of Japan from July 2007, and then continue to develop the product for the purpose of willing to people. We succeeded to develop the next generation’s package called Pouch In Dispenser (PID) which nozzle is equipped backflow prevented function, as one of our developed results.
P.I.D. is an innovative package for liquid, also has equipped keep on closed condition after opened and freshness. In the meantime, this technology has been developed in Japan.
We previously have been accumulated these kinds of technology such as film, packaging, filling due to being continued research and development. In addition, we enhanced development after founding in cooperation with outside research lab, local companies

I think it is absolutely important we should advance for creating new value with having challenge spirit even though facing difficulties.

Our technology is contribution for society is a great pleasure for me. I will provide new value and continue to contribute for the society with keeping on challenge spirit.

Corporation Profile

Corporation Name YUSHIN CO., LTD
President Katsunori Futase
Managing Director Yuichi Maruyama
Managing Director Katsumi Honma
Director Yoshimori Takahashi
Capital 92 million Yen (as of December 21,2019)
Business Overview

-Development as for the new generation package for liquid called“Pouch In dispenser (PID” keeps on freshness even after opened nozzle.

-Development & Production as for automatic and manual filling machines dedicated for PID.

-Development as for the pouch for liquid called“Ample Cut”opens and pours smoothly 

Head Office 964, Yanagawa-Shinden, Sanjo, Niigata, 955-0002 Japan
Tel +81-256-39-7007
Fax +81-256-39-7008
Tokyo Branch 7th F. Kobikikan 8-9 Ginza 2-Chome Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Japan
Tel +3-6228-6408
Fax +3-6228-6409

Service Menu

YUSHIN designed PID on the basis of our unique technology. We are ready to provide the following service menu in order to meet the customer’s requirement.

Planning We are able to advise the technology introduction using our technology had been accumulated so far, also advise them in order to meet the customer’s requirement.
Design We select the appropriate material, package design, and then propose the best method for our customers not only package but filling machine.
* In case of out side japan, filling machine will be apply for manual machine for the time being.
Trial & Test We produce the prototype being filled with actual liquid for carrying out various testing by customer side, and then improve it depending on testing results.
Delivery & Installation In case of out side japan, basic procedure of installation about filling machine will be done by customer side.
Support & Maintenance In case of out side of Japan, this service will be done by E-mail.

Yushin History

Jun 2004 Started in 2007 as MHT technical center
Aug 2006 Transferred the office
Oct 2006 Developed DANGAN TYPE-V
Jul 2007 Founded in 3/7/2007
Feb 2008 Established R&D center
Jun 2009 Developed automatic filling machine for PID
Aug 2009 Started sales about PID products
Jun 2010 Moved head office to current location
Jun 2010 Developed manual operation filling machine for PID
Mar 2011 Started sales about package products for PID
Feb 2012 Established Sales brunch at Ginza Tokyo
Jun 2012 Developed band sealer machine for PID
Aug 2012 Started sales about PID new package made by paper material
Mar 2016 Office name changed: The Tokyo business office is changed into Tokyo Branch